Young Sheng Puer Storage Experiment: Effects of Air Exposure (3 month results)

The purpose of this experiment is to observe how exposure to air affects the taste of young sheng puer over time.

For this experiment, I used 2018 “Long Tang Gu Shu” sheng puer from Yunnan Sourcing. For reference, here are the storage methods:

  • A: 70-75F, 65% RH, not sealed (mini-pumidor)
  • B: 70-75F, 65% RH, sealed in mylar bag
  • C: 70-75F, 65% RH, vacuum-sealed

Other relevant info:

  • Humidity is controlled using Boveda packs.
  • Cores of cakes were removed prior in order to reduce sample variability.


  • A: Sweet and vibrant, the least harsh of the 3 samples.
  • B: Very similar to A, just a touch of extra harshness.
  • C: Slightly more bitter/harsh than A and B.

I will provide an update at the 1-year mark (mid-October), and continue updating annually after that.

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