Black Tea Storage Experiment: 24°C vs 36°C (1 year)

The purpose of this experiment is to observe the effects of heated storage on the aging process of sun-dried black tea.

See this post for the previous update at the 6 month mark.

Rinse: Heated tea had darker rinse and notably strong presence of TWL 90s dianhong aroma in wet leaf.

  1. This was really a second rinse, the tea is tightly compressed. Subtly sweet with (unpleasant) soap note from unheated. Heated steeped faster and had more warmth and sweetness. My tasting partner said the heated tea was “way better”.
  2. Heated tea is more “open” and flavorful. Again, more warmth.
  3. Tasting partner: “The increased tannic taste in the heated sample is actually a positive here. It makes the tea less watery, more substantial.”
  4. Heated is smoother but less sweet, and has some back-of-mouth sharpness. Tasting partner: “The heated tea was less flavorful.”
  5. Unheated is sweet and smooth, but not so flavorful. The heated cup #5 was easily the best cup in this tasting session.
  6. Good tea from each sample, no notable differences from here on out.

We noticed that the brewed-out leaves of the heated sample were darker than those from the unheated sample, though this slight difference was difficult to capture.

We preferred the heated tea. Expect an update in about a year.

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