Ripe Puer Storage Experiment: 24°C vs 36°C (1 year)

The purpose of this experiment is to observe the effects of heated storage on the aging process of ripe puer.

See this post for the previous update at the 6 month mark.


Rinse: No apparent differences in the aromas of the rinsed leaves.

  1. Though both samples are already producing quite smooth and sweet tea, the unheated tea is slightly more pungent, a bit livelier in the mouth. The heated tea has a milk note which I noticed at the 6 month mark. It is a bit more “plain” in taste, and not in a bad way.
  2. The unheated tea has a satisfying pungency along with its natural sweetness. Both teas cause salivation moments after drinking each cup. Both cups are excellent, but the heated tea is displaying a level of refinement I rarely get from ripe puer. To be clear, the difference is small, but unmistakable. The taste is clean, and even more obviously milky.
  3. This time, the unheated sample comes out on top by a smidge. The pungency is doing it some favors here, making for highly engaging profile. The heated tea’s strengths, however, remain steady.
  4. With slightly extended brew times, I once again prefer the heated tea, which also has a slightly smoother mouthfeel. Despite the added milk note, it produces a simpler overall profile, though this isn’t to its detriment.

There are no significant visual differences in the leaves or the brewed tea liquid. Expect photos in future updates if anything changes.

I slightly prefer the heated tea. Expect an update in about a year.

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