White Tea Storage Experiment: 24°C vs 36°C (2 years)

The purpose of this experiment is to observe the effects of heated storage on the aging process of white tea.

See this post for the previous update.

Rinse: The unheated tea smells like a fresh white tea, still! The heated tea has a sweet yogurt-like sour note from the wet leaf, and lacks the fresh aspect. The heated tea is also significantly darker in visual appearance.

  1. The unheated tea is awesome, with elegant top notes and striking aromatics. The heated tea is more rounded in texture with a hint of sour storage flavor.
  2. More of the same from the unheated tea. The heated tea has retained some of the raw flavor of an unheated white tea, with even more texture now, and more sweetness. However, it does have a touch of acidity.
  3. The unheated tea continues to produce higher clarity. The raw characteristics of the tea are perfectly preserved. The heated tea continues to produce less astringency, and more body.

I have no real preference, both samples are in excellent condition, each with its own strengths.

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