Young Raw Puer Storage Experiment: Unheated vs Overheated (1 year)

This is the second update to a reddit post I wrote a little over 2 years ago, which detailed my failed first attempt at heated tea storage. See the previous update here.

Rinse: Judging by the aroma, the unheated tea is in excellent shape. The overheated tea still has some unpleasantness. It is sour and funky, and not in a good way.

  1. The overheated tea is smoother and sweeter than the unheated tea, but has that telltale sourness and funk. It lingers in the mouth, though it should be stated that the off-taste is less intense than it used to be, and not as yogurt-like.
  2. The overheated tea has greater bitterness and a pithy quality, with less sweetness.
  3. Nothing new.
  4. A slightly longer steep. The heated tea has had a consistently better, smoother mouthfeel, and that trend continues here. The overheated sample is starting to produce passable tea as the off-notes fade away.
  5. Minute-long steep. With the off-notes mostly gone, I am happy to say that the overheated tea is better than the unheated tea from here on out.

I look forward to checking on these teas again. Expect an update in about a year from now.

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