Ripe Puer Storage Experiment: 24°C vs 36°C (6 months)

The purpose of this experiment is to observe the effects of heated storage on the aging process of ripe puer.

For this experiment, I chose 2019 Kuura-Cola, from, you guessed it! Kuura.


  • The cake was first conditioned to ~69% RH using a Boveda pack, then separated into two halves.
  • The generated relative humidity of each sample was verified using a calibrated analog hygrometer.

Storage Treatments

  • A – 24°C, 69% RH, sealed in mylar.
  • B – Conditioned to 69% RH at 24°C, sealed in mylar without Boveda, stored at 36C.


  • A – Just as I remember this tea from 6 months ago.
  • B – I noticed a purer, more cohesive taste, a slightly intensified milk note, and an improved thickness in the mouthfeel. Specifically an increase in the sticky mouth-coating sensation.

I noticed the slightest difference in the appearance of the brewed leaves, with the heated sample being darker. However, the difference was so slight that I felt it was pointless to compare them at the current time.

Given the choice, I would drink the heated sample. It’s a shame I haven’t been heating any of my ripe puer all this time. Expect an update in 6 months.

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